How to use the air source processor

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Air source processor is a component that does work through the pressure of gas or the force generated by expansion, that is, the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinder, air motor, steam engine and so on. Air source processor is used in the automatic production of metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, transportation equipment, home appliances, light industry, machine tools, medical and other industries. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to "how to use the air source processor precautions"

1. How to use the air source processor

1. There are two ways of filter drainage: differential pressure drainage and manual drainage. Manual drainage must be discharged before the water level reaches the level below the filter element.

2, pressure regulation, before turning the knob, please pull up and then rotate, press down the rotary knob for positioning. Turn the knob to the right to increase the outlet pressure, turn the knob to the left to reduce the outlet pressure. When adjusting the pressure, it should be gradually and evenly adjusted to the required pressure value, and should not be adjusted in place one step.

3. Use of the oil feeder: the oil feeder uses JIS K2213 oil (ISO Vg32 or equivalent oil). Please dont fill the glass more than eight times full. The number 0 is the least oil and 9 is the most oil. Do not rotate from position 9-0, rotate clockwise. a. Select air assemblies required by the system according to technical performance parameters such as pipe diameter, flow rate, pressure regulation and filtration accuracy;

4, air filter filtering accuracy of 2um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 40um, 70um, 100um seven, can be selected according to the quality of the air requirements of the appropriate products;

5, in the use of pressure reducing valve, try to avoid the use of pressure range of the lower limit, according to the requirements of the use of pressure to choose the appropriate pressure reducing valve;

6. Installation sequence: start from the inlet end of the air source, connect the air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist once. The arrow direction on the element housing is the direction of the air flow, and cannot be reversed;

7, the air filter, oil mist must be installed vertically and make the cup side downward;

8, once the oil mist countercurrent, it will cause damage to the internal parts and risk, so it should be avoided;

9. During the installation and connection, avoid mixing impurities such as sealing tape and rust into the pipes.

2. Precautions for the air source processor

1. Before assembly, the chip and dust in the pipe should be blown away fully to prevent the debris of sealing materials from mixing.

2. The import and export direction shall not be reversed. To mount vertically, hold the glass down. Suitable space should be left above and below for easy maintenance.

3. It shall not be installed near the air compressor. Because the air temperature is higher, a lot of water is still water vapor state. It should be installed near the gas device to ensure that most of the moisture in the air has been condensed into liquid water

4, when the water level quickly rises to the baffle to drain, or discharge condensed water regularly. Discharge should be done by hand, not by tools. If you forget to discharge the condensate water, once the condensate water reaches the filter element, the separated condensate water will flow out from the secondary side and pollute the downstream pneumatic components, so you must pay attention to it.

5. In order to prevent the water cup from breaking and hurting people, metal protective cover should be installed outside the water cup. To check regularly whether the cup has cracks, whether it is polluted.

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