What are the common cylinder air source processing elements?

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The necessity of cylinder air source treatment: the compressed air output from the air compressor contains a large amount of pollutants such as moisture, oil and dust. These pollutants must be properly removed to prevent them from causing harm to the normal operation of the pneumatic system. Common What are the cylinder air source treatment components? What is the function of air source processing components? Today we will share with you the relevant basic knowledge for your reference.

Cylinder air source processing components mainly include: AF air filter, AW filter pressure regulator, AL lubricator, AR/BR pressure regulator, and AC double and AC triple pieces composed of each component.

Filter oil: The viscosity of the deteriorated oil increases, and it gradually solidifies from a liquid state to form a tar-like substance. It will deteriorate and age rubber and plastic materials; the tar-like substances accumulated in the aftercooler and dryer will reduce their working efficiency; block the small holes and affect the performance of components; cause the movement of relative moving parts in pneumatic components. Flexible; the aqueous solution of tar-like substances is acidic, which will rust metals and pollute the environment and products.

Filter moisture: moisture will cause corrosion and rust of pipes and metal parts, and cause spring failure or breakage; in cold regions and high-speed flow areas in components, due to the low temperature, moisture will freeze, resulting in poor operation of components, freezing of pipelines or Frozen cracks; condensed water retained in pipes and components will lead to insufficient flow, increased pressure loss, and even valve action failure; condensed water mixed into lubricating oil will cause lubricating oil to deteriorate; liquid water will wash away lubricating grease, lead to poor lubrication.

Filtration of iron filings and dust: Rust and dust will cause wear and tear on relative moving parts, resulting in poor movement of components or even jamming; dust will accelerate filter clogging and increase flow resistance; dust, etc. will accelerate damage to seals, resulting in air leakage .

Filter oil, water and dust: Liquid oil, water and dust are discharged from the exhaust port, which will pollute the environment and affect product quality.

The importance of cylinder air source treatment components: Poor air quality is the most important factor for the failure of the pneumatic system, which will greatly reduce the reliability and service life of the pneumatic system, and the resulting losses will greatly exceed the cost of the air source treatment device And maintenance costs, so the correct selection of air source treatment system and its components is very important.

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